Timeline: 2020 – Ongoing
Made possible by: The Design CIC

Location: Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London UK
In Collaboration with: The staff and patients of Guy’s Hospital

Designed for a leading London Hospital, this healing garden is equipped with in-built immersive technology, offering patients a stimulating journey through the senses – heightening awareness and mood whilst monitoring and promoting recovery and rehabilitation. Designed with accessibility in mind, it contains features such as scented and edible plants, programmable experiences, awesome sights and sounds. Bio sensors are linked to screens and apps on clients smartphones.


Timeline: 2020 – Ongoing

Made possible by: The Design CIC

Location: London Design Biennale 2023 / Online

In Collaboration with: Design theorists, climate scientists, video game developers

The project responds to the need to adapt our thinking, practices, and modes of being to imminent environmental catastrophe. We are seeking to challenge viewers and participants with the urgent task of developing individual and collective frameworks. Whether these  translate to a material environment, a climate action toolkit, or a spiritual/psychological refuge is left to the subjective imagination.


Timeline: 2020 – Ongoing

Made possible by: The Design CIC, Greenwhich Neighborhood Growth Fund

Location: Robert Owen Nursery, London UK

In Collaboration with:
Staff, pupils, and parents of Robert Owen Nursery

Having already completed one draft design in collaboration with the staff of Robert Owen, the design process has now taken on a new collaborative depth with fresh input from the staff and pupils. Using a range of collaborative design techniques, we have systematically
maximised the creativity of the children – the real experts in this process.


Timeline: 2021 – Ongoing

Made possible by: The Design CIC,
British Rail, Verney Family Trust 

Location: Steeple Claydon / Milton Keynes, UK

In Collaboration with: 
Parishioners of Steeple Claydon, Reverend Ricky S.G.

Designed to uphold the highest level of integrity. The symbolism of clay portrays ideas of renewal and reincarnation as it can be infinitely recycled in its raw state.
A naturalistic planting scheme sustains biodiversity while an 'oakwood habitat' provides food and shelter for many species of wildlife
Recycled fallen oakwood branches and trimmings  form the Garden's central feature, an oak wood log pile that 'goes for a walk', winding between the existing avenue of six oak trees.


Timeline: 2021 – Ongoing

Made possible by: The Design CIC,
Birmingham Football Club

Location: Birmingham, UK
In Collaboration with: Arthur’s family, Brimingham Football Club

This garden is a sanctuary garden. It is designed to be a place that escapes reality whilst promoting healing wrapped in the arms of Mother Nature. It offers opportunities to meditate, as well as play, to plant as well as eat fresh nutritious food. 


Timeline: 2020 – Ongoing

Made possible by: The Design CIC, Meridian Primary School, Greenwich Neighborhood Growth Fund

Location: Greenwich, London UK / Countries found along the Meridian Line

In collaboration with: Pupils at the Meridian Primary School and their international friends

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Charity Number: 1146865